Earth, water streams, mountains and trees! Calm and quiet canyons, nattering creeks and growing lush green gardens! If you spend time in nature, you will perhaps discern that you feel more contented out there than in busy cosmopolitan life.

Have you ever wondered why? One of the well acknowledged philosophies, the “biophilia hypothesis,” advocates that we love nature because we grow in it. We need it for our emotional well-being because it’s in our gene. This philosophy rings real to me. But it’s so broad, it also leaves me grasping for more. What is it about nature and our innate connection to it- that brings us so much ecstasy?

Nature has always been man’s source motivation. Whether you are a homemaker or Interior decorator, you will indeed feel more inspired from Mother Nature while embellishing your home and office spaces. However, festooning a room with Nature is not that simple as it seems to be.

You have to figure out the subtle meanings of landscape Indian art and fuse them with other furnishings in a room.

As an interior decorator, your aim should be to make the home or office as close to nature as possible. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while decorating a room.

Your aim is to bring nature closer, even if you cannot get the tangible thing – If you are living in a metropolitan, you may not have had too many likelihoods to be very close to the beauty of nature. An Indian art painting, in contrast, can bring the splendor of nature right to your home or office.

There are Indian art paintings available exemplifying a peaceful and relaxing waterfalls or sublime and composed image of mountain valleys. You will also find Indian art for sale in which the artist has painted dense green forests or pastures to barren deserts with beaming Sun. You can such type of paintings on online art galleries where some exclusive paintings of nature are displayed specifically of places you always fancy to explore.

That means, if you are beautifying a room in real jungle, ensure you pick up different types of natural India art work. It’s pretty unbelievable how a simple painting of a blossom or countryside can transform the complete setting of your home or office space.

Here are some quick pointers that you need to keep in mind before you decide to purchase any painting from Indian art for sale:

#Pick up landscape art that is pleasing to eyes

Whenever you browse through any online art gallery to buy Indian art, always bear this in mind to pick up the artwork that uplifts the spirit of the spectator. So look for painting of breaking of dawn or falling of dusk.

Avoid buying paintings that portray the Nature’s tumult. For instance, rainstorms, underground eruption and wild tidal wave, to name a few. The thumb rule is somewhat the same when purchasing Indian art reflecting birds or animals. You must have certainly come across paintings portraying flying eagle placed in walls of some homes and offices for decoration. However, hanging the painting of eagle can bring misfortune for you so avoid buying any such piece of work.

#Hang the artwork in right place

There are many homemakers out there who believe in ancient Indian science of architecture, that is Vastu Shastra. In Vastu even, avid practitioner even talks about paintings of nature. Besides proposing the art paintings and portraits you should and shouldn’t place in houses, the ‘Shastra’ also tell the importance and impact of placing any particular artwork at any spot or corner of your room. According to Vastu, if Indian art paintings are positioned at the right place, it can bring prosperity and better luck and if not, it could hinder the good things to happen in your life.

#Paintings with positive message

There is no denying the fact that we all our ruled by our emotions. We do get influenced with the positive and negative vibes around us. Therefore, while decorating your room walls always thinking about purchasing Indian art that conveys positive message.

Understand the mystic of colors

This is something that usually homemakers often overlook – different patterns of colors do impact human minds to a great extent. Do you know that colors do work magic provided used in right tone? Some colors can make us feel blissful, while some others can really dampen your spirits.

Just think about yellow, a color that is associated with warmth spread by Sun. Yellow is related with vigor, drive and dynamism. Indian art paintings with yellow shades can accentuate your surroundings in a different way. Another color is vibrant red, it is a color linked with power, poise and profusive energy. When it comes to blue, it is a color that is said to have a soothing and cheering impact on human mind.

Wrapping up-

So, it must be pretty clear that the Indian art paintings you select should go with the ambiance of the house, but, at the same time, anticipated making life more blissful for those living in there. It just takes a bit research to find right piece that complements your personal space.