Nothing makes a home feel more like a blissful place than an amazing presentation of artwork. Not only judiciously selected art paintings add a new statement to your decor, but it can also spruce up your home’s interior design by supplementing layers and visual interest. With such a vast selection of fine art prints, sculptures, and art paintings for sale available online, it can be bit overwhelming for art collectors and buyers to get hands on the right piece for work.

What would you opt if you were given a choice to buy from these two – art prints or posters? You must be wondering is there any difference between art prints and poster? Well, most of the people tend to choose posters because it doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket.  But, when you learn the actual differences between these two different forms, I am sure you won’t ever think about purchasing posters.

In this post, we shall discuss in detail why art prints are a better choice relatively than posters which will certainly help you narrow down your search.

How different art prints are different from posters?

You must be already aware of the fact that art prints and posters are simple imitations of original piece of art paintings. In most cases, posters and prints are reproduced by the same technique – digital printing. The only difference is in the quality of mediums used for creation the artwork.

 Nevertheless, the difference in component quality is pretty far-reaching though. It affects the price, life-span, appearance and many other attributes of art for sale available online.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the main pointers that will help you in understanding the difference between art prints and posters.

Art prints are more reasonable in long run: 

When you compare both, you may find that art prints are more costly than posters. Art posters are made of poor quality, reedy and glossy-finish papers, whereas art prints are produced on dense canvases using superior ink. It may give the impression that art prints are expensive, however the additional money you spend on them will prove worth its salt in the long run.

Prints come with extended stability: 

The use of premium quality canvas makes art print relatively more hard-wearing and long-lasting too. However, there is another top secret behind the robustness of art prints. The printmakers deliver an added shield for art prints. Art prints have an additional layer of coating with wax or resins to inhibit coming in contact with dust or moisture. On the other hand, in art poster paper there is no wax or resin coatings. This makes posters exposed to external damage.

Use of superior quality color: Even though, art prints and posters are made from same process that is printing through digital technology, but there is a huge difference in the use of color and its imitation. The color imitation in posters is not as much of impressive as it is in the art prints. The reason is that art prints are created from the archival quality ink on canvas, whereas the posters are made from poor quality ink. So if you are searching for an enduring home décor, select prints from art for sale.

Art prints means uniqueness: At present, posters are typically produced in huge volume to pare the overhead expenditure. At each go in the printing press large quantity of posters printed. While, art prints are printed in limited numbers. This confirms the quality of each print is superior and its availability in the market is limited.  So, when you purchase premium prints from art paintings for sale, you become a selected owner. 

Prints gives aesthetic look and feel: Glossy paper is usually used to create posters which enhances the properties of brightness and reflection. It results into compromised view of the art. Art prints are created on canvas that doesn’t have any such problems. They are not glistening and henceforth, no shimmer or replication. The spectator won’t have any problem while glancing at the artwork.

Prints are relatively a good investment: Investment on limited edition of prints available in art for sale is a good deal to go ahead with. Why? The answer is quite simple- because of the rising demand of art print in the market and exclusivity. Remember the rarer the art print will be, high are the chances that you will be able to fetch more profit for the same. On the contrary, posters don’t have any resale value. So, there is no point investing your money on posters.

To summarize, art prints are always an ideal option for home decoration. It is undoubtedly durable, stylish, and also a good investment. So don’t invest your money on something that is hardly trendy and short lived, when you look for art for sale.