Are you an art collector who is scouting for unique pieces of artwork to start your collection? Or you may have a huge collection of different genres of art and thinking of adding some more to it. There are all sorts of reasons that may drive art collectors to go from place to place in search of their favorite work of art.

As they say, art connects with spectators in different ways, because it’s construed in a different way by the spectator. That’s the reason why many Indian art collectors find it bit daunting to get hands-on that one unique piece. Moreover, with the emergence of online art selling platforms nowadays it has become pretty easier to find paintings created by eminent or mid-career artists. Many of you must find it quite confusing whether to take the risk of purchasing paintings created by these upcoming artists or not.   

This article attempts to divulge some of the key facts that art collectors should know about the emerging or mid-career artists before purchasing the artwork.

There are many instances when browsing through different genre of art paintings that are exhibited on art galleries, in a flash one art piece captivates your attention.

This art piece is so much stimulating that it evokes your senses. You feel that it’s the most appealing artwork you’ve ever come across, and you make up your mind to buy it. However, when you connect with the gallery curator to inquire about this masterpiece, you learn it is created by an emerging artist. What will be your instant reaction?

After knowing budding artist, you will certainly give a second thought about purchasing the painting. Besides, there are certain questions swirling around in your mind- Is it worth buying artwork created by new artist? Is it right to go ahead in a budding artist? What you should do in such situations?

Well, certainly anyone can feel that way. After all, who wants to take the risk of purchasing something you are not much sure about? In such scenario, the only option for you is that before jumping into any conclusion try to learn more about the artist first because it will help you in estimating the real worth of the artwork.

Now the question is how do you gather information about artist particularly when you don’t know anything about them?

If you are not certain what facts you need to know, here is a list of some key questions we recommend. If you get reasonable answers, go ahead and purchase the artwork. Else, just move on.

1. Which place the artist belongs to?  How long the artist has been in the art profession?

Well, these questions may sound big scary but after knowing the answers you will certainly learn more about the artist. These days’ online art galleries create descriptive portfolio of each artist. In these portfolios, a detailed introduction about the artist is given that mainly comprises of where the artist has pursued art education, what inspired them to become an artist and what all they like to paint more.

As they say, life’s bitterness and sweetness both makes us learn many things. Some like to express same through words, while through means of brush. Hence, go through the portfolio of the artist to gain enlightenment.

2. Has the artist ever exhibited his/her artwork anywhere before and ever received any popular award?

You can easily find answer to this question as well in the detailed description presented online. In case, no such information is published then you can ask this question from art gallery curators. They are indeed the better person who must be aware about the artist’s reputation and popularity in the art world.  

Not to mention, a reputable art gallery won’t arbitrarily pick up artwork created by amateurish artists for display.  So, you can anytime connect with the art gallery curator and know about the years of experience artist have.

3. Speak to the artist -

Being Indian art collectors, you would certainly want to purchase paintings that are unique and you know the meaning of the artwork. For this you can either ask the gallery curator or connect with the artist through social media platforms to know more about the inspiration behind the artwork.

If the artist would be truly passionate about his/her line of work, they would certainly love to answer your question. And guess what? If your perception and their viewpoint match, then you shouldn’t give a second thought to buy same artwork.

Wrapping up-

By now you must be aware of the fact that there is no straight-cut method to decide whether to invest in an emerging artist or not. You need to know the passion and veneration of the artist before making up your mind.

If you are avid art collectors and have recently experienced any such thing while purchasing artwork created by budding artists then do share your personal experience with us in the comment box given below.