Abstract Art

Posted by Naina Arora on May 13, 2014 12:59:03 pm

Literally Abstract means something which cannot be defined. It relies on color, visual language, a line or texture to create the basic principles of design. It is a painter's view of the world along with its objects. The thoughts and imaginations of the artist are portrayed on the canvas in physical form in the form of abstract art. It may seem to you like squares and lines with color spots in between. At times it's so strange that people think what it could possibly mean. In an abstract work, what matter the most is the si... Read more>>

Divulging the Hidden Symbolism of Flowers in Indian Art Paintings

Posted by Neeti Patial on May 11, 2014 10:15:50 am

Flowers have always irresistibly attracted the attention of painters through the ages. With the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, we all have lost touch with the nature and are no longer much aware about the significance of the key components that makes it more beautiful and vivacious. Earlier painters used to take up flowers as the main theme of their paintings to convey very specific messages about their subjects to the spectators. Each and every type of flower has a specific meaning associated with, which may vary in different cu... Read more>>

Inevitable Passion For Indian Art

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri on May 08, 2014 05:13:32 pm

Are you passionate about art? Those who are very passionate about Indian history, art and sculpture, know that the Indian paintings have already reached the sky. Different rulers or kings have introduced their own ideas in the field and have mixed it with the Indian techniques of art. The Indian tradition of art and paintings has been spread by different people from different eras. Indian art painting is one of the best forms of Indian Art. Rock paintings came in the pre historic times. 7th century welcomed the beautiful carved ... Read more>>

Online Art Galleries An Ideal Platform To Buy Original Artwork

Posted by Neeti Patial on May 07, 2014 02:58:02 pm

How exactly you feel like when you come across an art painting with conscientious detailing? Amazed!  Indian artists have never ceased in bringing up that detailing into their artwork. Each and every aspect of the artwork beautifully reveals a story about itself. The material and colors are meticulously used in the piece of artwork that you as a spectator can cherish them for long.  Sculptures of Indian temple are well-known all over the world. It is unique form art in which different gods, goddesses and other divine fig... Read more>>

Top Modern Art Galleries in India

Posted by Madhurima Srivastava on May 03, 2014 02:54:44 pm

Modern art movement in Indian Art began in late 19th century in Kolkata. Old traditionsof paintings had more or less died out in Bengal and new art schools were started by British government. Raja Ravi Vermaart work showed some inclination towards western traditions including the techniques of oil paint and easel painting. He supported modern art ideas that ignited the spark of famous modern art galleries following the widespread western influence. Here, we are discussing about top old modern art galleries, which had been establ... Read more>>

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