How is Indian Art slowly getting the attention it always deserved?

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Sep 12, 2018 11:08:48 am

“They can put me in a jungle. Still, I can create.” M.F.Husain Recognition is an impressive rooter for any type of artist. When an artist does pick a brush to throw his/her imagination embedded by thoughts in the form of aesthetic designs and enchanting color combinations, the thought of someone applauding the artwork certainly doesn’t cross the mind. In fact, most of the artists do not care for the attention or the fame they are going to get. This is so because, for an artist, the materialistic and the worl... Read more>>

Why are Indian Paintings no more ignored at the global level - IndianArtIdeas

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Sep 06, 2018 06:12:04 pm

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent van Gogh Paintings are like a reflection of an artist’s soul on the canvas. Right from the color combinations to the little shades on the corners to the loose strokes of the brush, everything in an artwork is the representation of an artist’s subconscious. What is the most appealing artwork you have ever seen? Was it the ‘Mona Lisa’ from Leonardo Da Vinci, or is it the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Jo... Read more>>

The Essence of Indian Art

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Aug 24, 2018 10:29:32 am

“Art should be something that liberates your soul.” Keith Haring “Whatever comes has to go” is the ultimate philosophy of life. Doesn’t matter what you are, where you live, how much you earn, in the end, nothing can stop you from the sour reality we call as death. But, there are a few things that live even after the people who created or invented them are gone. Such is the glamour and influential power of art. Art travels through time and is able to evolve through centuries of restructuring that is done by varied... Read more>>

Spur Employees Productivity with Modern Art Paintings

Posted by Mishika on Aug 21, 2018 08:48:36 am

Do productivity and art go hand in hand? The answer to this can be easily found in the fact that art does stimulate emotions. Who doesn’t love to enter an artistic and colorful place? A workspace that is full of colorful strokes and is beautifully adorned with the artworks by Amrita Sher-Gill, Anamika V, and Hema Upadhyay is definitely an awe-inspiring space to go for. An artistic workspace is always better when compared to a lean office space. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating paintings at your workplace: Interi... Read more>>

Bring Home Colorful Paintings for Inspiring Young Minds

Posted by Mishika on Aug 16, 2018 10:34:44 am

For every parent, the first responsibility is to bring colors into the life of your kids. It is said that analyzing art sharpens the thinking ability of kids as they learn to create their own perception of the world. Bring an artwork in front of your children and ask them to interpret it in their own style. As a piece of artwork is open to many interpretations, you will be surprised by the crazy and amusing answers you would get to hear. That’s the beauty of kids, unlike adults they do not think in a restricted fashion. Take ... Read more>>

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