Why are Oil Paintings expensive? How to buy these for your home?

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Jul 07, 2018 09:24:35 am

What sort of painting would you like to see on the wall space of your home? I am talking about the place you live in, you eat in, and you relax. It is the most secluded and the most comfortable place for you. Therefore, the paintings placed there should be more than just an artwork. IMHO, oil paintings are the best when it comes to beautifying the home’s wall space. The vivacious colours and the scintillating designs just dazzle the art lovers to the core. In fact, the oil paintings are so exquisite and appealing that their... Read more>>

How do Paintings of deities impact the culture of India?

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Jul 02, 2018 06:45:39 pm

There is no better devotion that submerging oneself into the passion of art. If you are an artist or an art admirer, you know the emotion that engulfs your heart while making or observing an exquisite painting. Talking about India, it is a nation with diverse beliefs, varied cultures and different diversities. You can see a different India in every 500 km you travel with respect to the culture and lifestyle. Owing to this, artists of past and present are depicting the tales and greats of these Gods for a long time now. Any... Read more>>

Tips for artists: How to choose the theme for paintings?

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Jun 28, 2018 05:55:50 pm

There are various kinds of paintings that exist in the world. If you go to India, you can find religious art such as Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha and Durga paintings at an art gallery. If you go to France, a mix of landscape with a contemporary touch in the paintings is prevalent. So let me ask you, as an artist, what’s your favorite theme? Do you like nature paintings or are you a modern art painter? Every artist has his/her own style of painting. It is so because imagination and creativity offer quite different ideas. So, w... Read more>>

Tips to Artists: How to scribble down an Artist Profile?

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Jun 20, 2018 06:12:32 pm

“Happiness is only real when shared”. This quote of Christopher McCandless (the explorer who fought his way out of a comfortable life to have a real taste of what destiny is) holds true in every situation. What is the point of drawing stupendous Ganesha paintings (A Hindu Deity) if there is no one to see them? Similarly, if there is no audience, all the traditional artworks would not have travelled centuries to be available in our time. Also, the contemporary artists who presently take joy in nourishing new and innovative... Read more>>

Tips for artists: Creating an attractive art blog to draw art collectors

Posted by Shashvat Vats on Jun 16, 2018 06:26:46 pm

When an artist picks up his brush to engrave something from his thoughts on the canvas, the entire process is mesmerizing. The manner in which hand, eye, and mind coordinate beautifully to generate a majestic piece of art is something that comes from inside and no book can make you learn it. What can be taught is how to market your art so that you can get the real cost of your hard work. Let’s admit it, if you have a flair for creativity you should also have some idea of how to promote your art to the right art aficionados. ... Read more>>

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