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What Makes Abstract Art So Expensive?

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Aug 10, 2017 12:26:55 pm

If there is one genre of art which can be debated upon endlessly, then that has to be modern abstract art. Its appreciators celebrate its capability of breaking all communal and emotional boundaries to display the deep hidden feelings resting inside the artist’s mind. While its critics consider it nothing more than a random splash of colours and drawn lines. Undeniably, this is a never-ending discussion, but the fact can’t be ignored that abstract art is surely one of the most intriguing aspects of the art world. One qu... Read more>>

A Beginners Guide to Buying Original Art Online

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Aug 01, 2017 12:58:12 pm

Art is that exhibit of human creativity which has the potential to transform the way a place looks. They have their own way of bringing in uniqueness, style and fun into spaces. Right from harmonising the colour schemes of a bedroom to adorning the entryway, art can breathe in newness into any place in a jiffy. However easy it might seem, but finding a perfect match, which suits your taste and space, is a difficult nut to crack. If you don’t have enough time at your disposal to browse through artworks to your heart’s conte... Read more>>

Nude Figurative Paintings: Tips to Incorporate Provocative Art Tastefully!

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jul 21, 2017 03:04:24 pm

The title might have raised the levels of discomfort in some people while others will possibly enjoy their time reading it. Irrespective of the category to which you belong, the truth can’t be changed that nude figurative paintings are an indispensable part of the art world. Since time immemorial, artists have been creating them; however, taboos of the society dimmed the shine of this genre. Nonetheless, art enthusiasts from all around the world have always exhibited their love for bare figurative painting and this is the main re... Read more>>

Art That Will Leave You Speechless: Most Haunted and Cursed Paintings Ever Created

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jul 19, 2017 04:57:58 pm

Paintings are a beautiful form of art. Mesmerising and enticing in its appeal, paintings have been around for centuries to express what the words couldn’t. However, sometimes they end up expressing the dark side. The movies have conditioned us that ghosts are present only in squeaky mansions and foggy cemeteries, but paranormal experts beg to differ. According to them, spirits can dwell at any place or object, and once they latch themselves on to something, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Generally, spirits feed on emotion... Read more>>

Offbeat Painting Techniques: 6 Artists Who Create Paintings with Everything except Paint!

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jul 11, 2017 12:30:38 pm

Painting. One word which makes us imagine a fine creation of the human mind. Something beautiful, something unique are the thoughts that come after listening to this term. But, after witnessing the beauty of an art-piece, do you ever wonder what technique and style did the painter use in order to create it? Well, if you never thought on these lines, then the techniques mentioned below will surely make you think twice. We are in the age wherein artists are creating artworks unlike ever before. The art collectors, on the other hand, are... Read more>>

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