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Make Happiness Knock on Your Door: Vaastu Tips for Hanging Paintings

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jun 26, 2017 11:26:42 am

We are living in the digital age where everyone is busy running and securing a safe spot in the rat race. We are all so occupied in our busy schedules that we just forget to pay any attention to our surroundings and fail to realise the immense potential being held by them in affecting our being. Our very existence is dependent on energy and everyone is aware about this concept. However, the thing in question is are we making the most of the energy floating around us or we are just creating hindrances? Well, the answer to this lies in ... Read more>>

The Art Debate: Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism?

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jun 21, 2017 10:54:35 am

Graffiti: It is one word with different definitions. Some consider it beautiful and a marvellous work of contemporary art, while others attest a negative connotation with this term. People might like it or hate it, but they certainly can’t ignore it. In the previous times it was considered synonymous with property destruction. However, the youth of today is more open to the concept of graffiti and are considering it as a true form of art. Some favour its beauty while others condemn its charm. This has led to a great art debate of wh... Read more>>

The Art of Choosing the Right Frame: Open the Door to Elevating the Appearance of a Painting

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jun 07, 2017 11:32:58 am

Art is the love child of creativity and talent. Since time immemorial artists have been creating art; sometimes as per the needs of the royals and sometimes to express their own suppressed thoughts. Art knows no boundaries and there is no limit which can restrict the human imagination. As a result since generations, artists have been emerging and with their utmost talent and abilities they have left their audiences awestruck. In the recent times, people have developed a strong inclination towards the subject of art and are trying t... Read more>>

Buying Art Made Easy: Concrete Tips for Upcoming Art Lovers

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on May 29, 2017 11:40:42 am

The art world can look a bit intimidating at first. The understanding of this subject comes with the flow of time and in the beginning it is quite common to find oneself lost in the various genres of art which are extensively available. It is typical to get confused and feel lost in the pensiveness of the art world. However, you must remember that everyone, at some point of time or the other, kept their first step into this domain. The experts of today were amateurs of yesterday. So if you have been thinking for some time about creati... Read more>>

Take the Creativity Outside: Outdoor Trends Sizzling this Season

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on May 22, 2017 05:40:28 pm

Our home is our paradise. We spend a lot of time, money and energy is adorning it. Right from the living room to the bedroom, everything is duly planned and executed in order to ensure that our home looks just the way we like. Amidst all of this there is one area which we entirely forget about: the outdoors. Yes, anyone who visits your house first looks at the outdoor. If it isn’t appeasing, then you will fail to leave a positive impression on them. We all get so occupied with decorating the interiors of the house that we entirely m... Read more>>

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