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Every month we highlight the life and work of one of our talented artists whose works are garnering attention across the globe. Embark on this journey to explore this talented artist, know more about his life and work, hear him speak in our exclusive "Artist Speak" Section and indulge in his artistic journey as you read through his infographic !!

When we really want to achieve something then no obstruction can stop us from achieving it. Our artist of the month Sandeep Rawal is a perfect example for this situation. He is a self-taught artist who doesn’t have any professional knowledge and initially his dream of becoming an artist was not supported even by his family and he also get taunted by his relatives for his decision. But he never lost his hope and continued his journey while facing all these odd situations and now the list of his awards and honors can tell the story of his successful career. According to him developing art is like doing meditation, which brings inner peace and happiness inside a person. He has participated in the several exhibitions in India and abroad and get many awards for his brilliant artworks. He has worked as an illustrator for many books and also worked for Indian film industry.

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